Kool Relief Breast Unit With Color Options

$64.80 $32.40

Kool Relief Breast Cancer Unit with a pink or black ring installed and ready to use. Each Kool Relief unit comes with a small blue bag allowing you to keep your Kool Relief with you wherever you might go.

  • Instant Breast Cancer Radiation Therapy burn pain relief
  • Thermodynamic solution instead of creams and lotions containing chemicals
  • Nothing to ever service or replace - no batteries or electronics
  • Compact discreet design for privacy and ease of use
  • Use anyplace-anytime during treatment period and after treatments as well
  • Medically safe aluminum
  • No mess or wetness to stick to clothes like lotions and creams
  • Dishwasher safe for cleaning
  • Recyclable- Aluminum and ABS plastic - Safe for you and the environment